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A Feature Film from HOME MOVIES
Written and Directed by JESSE P. HOWARD - Produced by TODD HOWARD

"The most engaging, endearing film"
Scott Foundas / LA Weekly

"GREAT! Three-and-a-half stars...
Daynes and Athmann are a real find"

Pete Vonder Haar /
(read the review)

"Critic's Choice!... Satisfying... nicely shot...
filled with acute observations about childhood."

Andy Klein / City Beat

"A fine investigation into childhood
aggression... a glimpse into the nature
of conflict and gender rivalries"

Gerri Garner / American Radio Network

In a time and place as blurry as the haunting memories of youth, THE TROUBLE WITH BOYS AND GIRLS reveals both childhood's bliss and trauma. Embroiled in a feud of boys versus girls, Tommy withdraws to a deserted alley to play his harmonica... badly. Looking for answers, he retreats into his mind where he chases down a tune playing on an old phonograph. Liza, while still leading the charge against the boys, develops an interest in Tommy and a secret friendship begins to unfold. Their companionship goes deep beneath the surface until they are forced to come clean to their battling peers.

Our World Premiere Was Great!
July 30th, 2003 - in Los Angeles, CA
Thanks to all of you who came to support Trouble
in competition at the 2003 danceswithfilms festival -

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watch the trailer
(quicktime, 9.1mb download)

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Film School, Seattle, Do It Yourself
by Hugh Sutton and Jesse P. Howard, 2003 Home Movies. All Rights Reserved.

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